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Glen Magna Farms Wedding Photos

Adventurous elegance. That’s how we define these two. The kind where one look isn’t enough. But in the end you find yourself completely drawn in by them and experiencing oodles of laughter. A Glen Magna Farms wedding was the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort. And fit them to a T.

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Waterville Valley Resort Wedding Photographer

At this point, we may need consider endorsing OK Cupid! Amanda & Tara are yet another story of the online dating site and we can personally vouch for the success! After a 2-year engagement and a home they’ve created with their golden retriever, four cats and a chinchilla, their White Mountains Wedding is the cherry on the top. Everything about their Waterville Valley Resort wedding was a reflection of their tremendous combination of two amazing personalities.

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Waterville Valley Wedding Weekend

To set the stage for this epic Waterville Valley wedding weekend let’s start at the beginning. Katie & Mike met in 1st grade, seriously, that’s where this love story begins. While they dated in high school, college came and they felt they were too young and going in separate directions. Katie said she wished they would have met eight years from then.

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Same Sex Wedding at Monadnock Berry Farm

First impression paints these two as shy, but within moments the laughter is contagious, inside jokes rapidly form and a relationship with them seems as natural as the one they have with each other. Like it was always meant to be. Have you ever seen anything as cute as deez? #insideJoke

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Rangeley Maine Lake Wedding at Loon Lodge with Ashley & Frank

While planning her lake wedding, Ashley met us on the phone for a consult during one of our many wedding road trips and I’m pretty sure we forgot to talk about her wedding plans. Instead, we talked about living in Iowa, Field of Dreams, life with a toddler, and by the time we hung up it felt like we had just concluded a best friend catch up session!

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Gretchen & Dan’s Fuller Gardens Wedding, North Hampton, NH

A sun-soaked beach house, an antique Cadillac, an intimate gathering of family and friends, this Fuller Gardens wedding could only be made better by a pretty cool couple! Welcome to Gretchen & Dan’s whirlwind wedding planned and executed in only 7 weeks!

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