Kate & Keith

Partners in business and in bed.

We are driven by values, connections, and experiences (+ fresh air!)

We met through photography, but what cemented our union is a shared love of family, being advocates for the environment, and our lack of desire towards material. Our most cherished memories involve a dog, creative plant-based eats, loved ones and opting outside.

Yes, we still nerd out over some things in between (cappuccino makers, electric cars, visiting distant cultures) but our route to happiness is pretty darn simple. Continuing to learn, staying open minded and embracing the uncomfortable is our spice in life, and the source for many of our ventures.


As for photography, let’s get real. If it weren’t for YOU, we wouldn’t be excited about our job. Whether you are professionals passionate about your careers, are in the 4k White Mountain club, found love later in life, or can’t be defined by traditional labels, it’s YOU that makes “Kate & Keith Photography.” 

We are very selective about who we work with, only taking ~15 weddings a year. Why? A large part of our process is making a connection. From our first meeting, we’ll be establishing a vibe. If we can’t conceive of future inside jokes, then we’re happy to make recommendations to some friends who may align. But if we get carried away by conversations of favorite hikes, or where you grew up, then you can bet we’ll be showing up on wedding day with all the excitement shared by your inner circle.

Married since 2017

We photograph every wedding together!



I grew up on an organic farm in New Jersey.



I grew up playing in the woods of Southern NH.

What does working with us look like? Professionalism is at the backbone, but becoming friends is a huge side benefit. It’s an intimate experience having a camera pointed your way. One you shouldn’t think twice about with us. Getting to know one another will create a sense of ease, which in turn produces authentic photos. So a lot of our time spent before your celebration will be in creating a relationship. We’ll be available, if you choose, for guidance, a coffee meetup, walk, Zoom call, or dog playdate. It’s all about building on the joy and reducing the stress!

Fun Facts

Kate loves traveling and may be addicted to airports.

Kate's resume includes firefighting, National Geographic and milking Granny the cow.

Kate grew up riding horses, and loves the smell of manure. Keith thinks that's weird.

Kate has spent part of every summer on Mount Desert Island since 3 months of age.

Kate grew up vegetarian, on an organic farm in NJ (hippy parents?)

Keith stepped up and officiated one of our couple’s ceremonies.

Keith gave up drinking May 29, 2014, and makes a mean ginger mocktail.

Keith loves conversations on hiking trails.

Keith secretly learned to play a ukulele, surprising Kate with "I'm Yours" on wedding day.

Keith rolls his eyes every time Kate says, "Really? I'm from New Jersey too!"

Photographers with a Mission

We are lucky to enjoy down time in our business. During the winter months we devote our energies to giving back through various nonprofit work. Each year we target different organizations to tap into, from racial justice to food sovereignty and waste reduction (to name a few.) With each travel, we find a way to give back to the land and people we visit. Tree planting, beach cleanups, or donating our videography & photo services. It's not something we could do without your support. If you feel strongly about the same issues, know that part of your photography investment is going towards our continued work.