...and some Qs of our own!

Yes!! From summer camp weekends to five day destinations, we love multi-day wedding celebrations and you will too. Since we only accept one wedding per weekend, we don't bill each day as its own wedding, instead creating a comprehensive package.

We do a lot of research to make sure our prices are accurately reflecting the service we provide! And while these numbers can fluctuate, it’s a great ballpark! Single-day (6 hr) wedding packages start at $5,100 Wedding weekend (multi-day) packages start at $7,800 Most of our couples choose custom packages between $5,600 – $7,900 (not including video.) But there are plenty who fall well below or a bit above with non-traditional weddings and mountain top elopements.

Your custom package will include an engagement session, a private online gallery to view/share photos, and a digital download with all your wedding photos. From there we will work with you to cater to your needs and desires for showing off your wedding photos. We advocate for getting your most cherished images in print. The lasting value of wall hangings and our storybook albums are the most popular options. Think about what works for you and bundle it into a plan to ensure it's brought to life.

Engagement sessions are a service we provide complimentary to our wedding clients. They give us an opportunity to spend time with you, to get to know each other, and work together. It’s not something that we offer discount or credit for, if you elect to not take advantage of the session, we will work toward finding additional opportunities to spend time with you and chatting about your wedding. Coffee dates, afternoon hikes, or Keith’s favorite ice cream meetings.

Absolutely! We have multiple backups for our equipment, and our processes. And your wedding photos are double backed up locally, and triple backed up online! (We’re nerds.)

Our wedding packages cover everything, so there will be no additional travel fees, the only exceptions to this would be unforeseen expenses like parking or permit fees. For engagement sessions, we work with our out of town couples to schedule times where we are in their neck of the woods or vice versa to avoid travel fees. In the event that specific travel is required for an engagement session, additional fees are kept to the barest minimum.

Contact us! You’ll want to chat with us to make sure we’re the right fit for you. We’ll want to get some details so we can put together a custom package for you. Once you’re happy with your package you can sign the contract, submit a deposit, and boom! your date is now locked in our calendar!

Yes, variations of this are asked a lot! Well, that would suck. But in terms of your photo coverage, no need to worry. We work with an incredible network of photographers and should Keith get hit by a bus, we’ll have a qualified professional photographer to carry his torch at your wedding. If there is enough time between disaster and your wedding, we will work with you to assess the options and keep to our goal of a stress free wedding for our couples.

You bet! We are an LLC and have full insurance to protect us in case a camera breaks or grandma trips over us. Plus, many venues now require it!

Of course! You need to have the wedding that speaks to who you are as a couple. We’ve done it all from one-hour family-only beach ceremonies to full weekend weddings with only 11 guests. It’s the main reason we don’t restrict our couples to pre-set packages!

We’re game if you are! We bring our own “wedding” umbrellas, a change of clothes and a sense of adventure! You likely didn’t book your venue for the interior, so let’s get outside!

We love to eat, never expect to be fed, however totally appreciate the consideration! Seriously, we’re a handful in the “dietary restrictions” department, it’s why we come prepared with snacks to reduce our impact on our hosts. Keith is a vegan, and happily devours everything in the animal-free category. Kate is a gluten-free vegan. Also no refined sugar (crazy, right?)

We have worked with some awesome people and would love to share names! Just ask 🙂

Oh my gosh, so glad you asked! We are obsessively passionate about sustainability (so much so that we started a non-profit in 2017 aimed at reducing single-use plastic waste in the food and event industries.) So whether minimizing waste, or reducing your environmental handprint, we'd love to offer tips and suggestions. There are loads of ways to make a difference. From where you shop for attire, to asking excess food to be donated.

One of our favorite perks of being wedding photographers is getting to know our couples, enjoying new experiences, and creating lifelong friends. It also happens to be an integral part of our unique style of photography. Capturing authentic expression, and honest emotion comes by understanding your personalities! The better we know you and your family/friends the more prepared we can be for moments before they happen and the more accurately we can tell your unique story. Many of our couples remain friends long after wedding day which makes us super happy!

Yes please! If you are having us as your wedding photographers, then we are already on our way to being friends, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s get out for a hike or dog walk!

Yes, definitely. Reading reviews is a great way for you to research us! You can go to our Reviews Page and see full reviews on our Facebook and Google pages. You can also search for our reviews on sites like Wedding Wire, Zola, The Knot, etc. If you’d like we can put you in touch with past clients to speak with as well!

We’re going to ask you this when we talk to you, and we think knowing the answer is important for you. Your commitment to each other? Sharing the love & joy with your friends & family? Or the giant Mauna Loa Chocolate Volcano? Talk to each other about why you’re having a wedding, how you imagine the vision of your wedding day, and how you want to remember it.

Whether you enjoy road tripping, writing epic Google reviews, finding new dog-friendly trails, or leaving home altogether, we want to know! It’s part of who you are, which means it’s important to us and helps us reflect your personalities in your pictures. Avid hiker? Coffeeshop fiend? Volunteer-er? We might ask to create some co-adventures!

Well, as much as we can’t promise you a stress-free wedding, we can promise you that one of our main goals is to assist you in the pursuit of a stress-free wedding. We’ve done this before and we’re here for you, suggestions, referrals, tips on timelines, you name it.

This is our new favorite question to ask our couples. We believe choosing the right photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding.