Seacoast Engagement

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Acadia Proposal In Rain – Plan B

We pride ourselves as being the best Acadia proposal photographers because of our knowledge of the island (we are locals!) Knowing great Plan B options for any weather is part of what sets us apart. Often that might involve using private land (we know a few people!) However, after years of photographing surprise proposals in

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Secret Proposal in Acadia on a Time Crunch!

Nick reached out to us to help him plan a secret proposal in Acadia. He had already lined up a trip for Taylor and himself over Labor Day Weekend in Bar Harbor.

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Surprise Proposal In Acadia National Park

Steven reached out to us about his surprise proposal in Acadia after learning that he’d be speaking at a conference hosted by the Friends of the Pleistocene (an irrelevant detail, but one we just thought was too cool to leave out! I mean- this is the era of the wooly mammoth!).

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Acadia National Park Sunrise Photo Session

We met Isabelle & Noah in Acadia on their 2nd wedding anniversary, and photographed them at sunrise, rock climbing on Otter Cliffs. But as is sometimes the case with the island, as a result of thick fog the sun was blocked out until late morning. So we were excited for the second chance to wake up in the dark with them, down a few cups of coffee, and head in to the park for an adventure filled Acadia sunrise photo session!

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Finding Your Private Proposal Spot in Acadia National Park

Finding a private proposal spot in Acadia National Park can be a real challenge. For years this spot was our family sunset location. We would scoot up here after dinner, armed with fleecy layers and flashlight, for the show. The beauty is that we always have this spot to ourselves. For decades. We’ve seen evenings where the water is completely still and reflecting orange and red. And we’ve seen stormy seas with skies moodier than our worst hangry moments.

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NH Seacoast Engagement Session at Odiorne Point in Rye

Even on an overcast day Katie and Mike rocked this NH Seacoast engagement session! They live in Portsmouth with their two pups Barrett and Stella. Odiorne Point in Rye is their go-to place for dog walks, but today they left the furballs at home and had the ocean front park all to themselves!

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