Isabelle & Noah sign up for another Acadia National Park sunrise photo session with us for their five year anniversary!

We met Isabelle & Noah in Acadia on their 2nd wedding anniversary, and photographed them at sunrise, rock climbing on Otter Cliffs. But as is sometimes the case with the island, as a result of thick fog the sun was blocked out until late morning. So we were excited for the second chance to wake up in the dark with them, down a few cups of coffee, and head in to the park for an adventure filled Acadia sunrise photo session!

It’s not their athleticism or culinary skills that impress us the most. It’s their unwavering friendship. After serendipitously meeting them on a hike in Acadia, they have become life-long and die-hard friends of the caliber few people ever experience. We are nowhere near neighbors, therefore we make our connections via FaceTime calls, visits, and rendezvous all over the country for long weekends. Filled with vegan eat-a-thons, runs, hikes and constant laughs.

In the time we have know them, they have been powerful inspirations in our own lives. Professionally, spiritually, healthfully, in so many ways we are beyond grateful and honored to have them as influences in our lives! If you’d like to get a hint of what inspires us about them, check out The Plantiful podcast,. Together they use the podcast to explore plant based living and a healthy active lifestyle through different perspectives and voices. Ask them about swim runs, triathlons, marathons, or their daily training routines for a healthy life. Consequently, we’re estimating they have burned roughly 45,904,847,234 calories combined. Which brings us to the tasty part! Isabelle’s thoughtful journeys in the kitchen creating delicious, plant based meals, tahini cookies, lupine bites, and vegan wedding cakes.

Yup, she is that master behind our very own gluten free, vegan, wedding cake.

Scroll on! Here comes the Acadia National Park Sunrise Photo Session!!

For a little fun, Noah even reenacted the Acadia sunrise proposal that never actually happened. Acadia National Park has become our favorite place to come together. From our own Acadia wedding, to their anniversaries, it’s a place filled with special memories. And plenty of activity. For instance, hiking Penobscot and Sargent, running Eagle Lake, and swimming on Long Pond. We will likely need a few more decades to fulfill our Acadia wish list.Noah Ennis Isabelle Steichen
Acadia National Park Sunrise proposal
Noah Ennis Isabelle Steichen
Noah Ennis Isabelle Steichen
Acadia Sunrise running photo
Acadia hiking sunrise Acadia
Sunrise hike Acadia National Park

Taking in sunrise in Acadia National Park might be the best way to start a day!

Sunrise Hiking in Acadia National Park
Sunrise Hiking in Acadia National Park
Early morning in Acadia National Park

Where are the best sunrise viewing spots in Acadia? Come visit us and we’ll take you to some of them!

Best sunrise hike in Acadia!
National Park mountain top yoga
Morning trail running in Acadia National Park
Steamy sunrise in Acadia
Trail running in Acadia National Park

So until next year, happy anniversary Isa & Noah! We love you and can’t wait for more adventures!

Next time, we’ll take photos from a scenic flight over Acadia? Or while doing a triathlon? Maybe an eat-your-way-through-Acadia tour?

If you want to continue down memory lane, have a look at Isabelle & Noah’s rock climbing, Acadia engagement photos.

Would you like to hike out with us for an Acadia National Park sunrise photo session? We’d definitely love to chat with you! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now. Yes! Right now 🙂