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Kate & Keith’s Wedding Photographers in Alaska Adventure

You may notice that Kate is the one that usually does the writing around here, it’s not because I’m bad at it, it’s just because she is that good at it. Our Wedding Photographers in Alaska Adventure was such an amazing experience for me that I wanted to take the reigns on writing this post. So without any more delay, get ready to immerse yourself in an incredible adventure filled with breath taking vistas, up close wildlife, and a whole lot of coffee!

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Washington DC Whirlwind Wedding Weekend (past and present)

Washington DC, home of US politics, cherry blossoms and Kate & Keith’s annual April whirlwind tour! Exactly one year ago we roadtripped it down for Josh and Thea’s Jefferson Memorial wedding. This year became our past and current client extravaganza!

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Wanderlust Yoga, Oahu’s Enchanted North Shore

Wanderlust is far from just yoga. A walk through the festival grounds will prove that. And Hawaii is more than just beaches. (No, really!) While on Oahu we trend towards beach wedding photography, however our love for photographing events in line with our passions touch our hearts in an entirely different way.

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Thea & Josh, Jefferson Memorial Wedding, Washington DC

Before we get to their Jefferson Memorial Wedding, you need the back story. Thea met Josh back when they both worked at a construction job. If you knew them today you’d laugh. I met Thea at run club in Hawaii. Thea is single handedly responsible for my island social life.

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