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Fall Surprise Proposal in Acadia

Wanqi contacted us for his surprise proposal in Acadia just after peak foliage season. Privacy was important to him, which meant that a Cadillac sunset proposal was off the table! And since friends were joining them, it needed to be easy access. Having driven up from New Jersey for a few days, we did all

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Secluded Sunrise Proposal in Acadia

Sam’s enthusiasm for surprising Jenna with a secluded sunrise proposal in Acadia was completely infectious. He described Jenna by saying, “Not to brag, but she is possibly the greatest human on Earth! She loves everything about life, and is just such an overall positive person.” Then went on to woo us onto his side by

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Acadia National Park Elopement

Trisha & Jillian chose to have an Acadia National Park elopement in peak season. Having only been to Maine once, it was a challenge to plan from their home in Virginia. Especially considering the increase in tourism, and not know where they could find a shred of privacy. When we met them, their small wedding

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Non-traditional Acadia Proposal

Kip reached out to us to help him plan a secret proposal in Acadia. He had already lined up a trip for Sam and himself in Bar Harbor as a final summer getaway.

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Finding Your Private Proposal Spot in Acadia National Park

Finding a private proposal spot in Acadia National Park can be a real challenge. For years this spot was our family sunset location. We would scoot up here after dinner, armed with fleecy layers and flashlight, for the show. The beauty is that we always have this spot to ourselves. For decades. We’ve seen evenings where the water is completely still and reflecting orange and red. And we’ve seen stormy seas with skies moodier than our worst hangry moments.

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