Sam’s enthusiasm for surprising Jenna with a secluded sunrise proposal in Acadia was completely infectious. He described Jenna by saying, “Not to brag, but she is possibly the greatest human on Earth! She loves everything about life, and is just such an overall positive person.” Then went on to woo us onto his side by sharing that Jenna is a passionate vegan, an animal and nature lover. When counseling him on the perfect sunrise location, Sam used his relationship as a guide. “I love the idea of using a mountain top to symbolize the rough climb we’ve had leading to a gorgeous view of the life we now get to share.”

So, we leaned in, and recommended the most impressive cliff to be atop. But that wasn’t enough. They brought their rescue, Cricket, to join the fun. And Sam wanted one more special surprise. We put him in touch with a private chef friend of ours who created a lavish vegan picnic. Five AM might have seemed early for this much amazingness. But true to Sam’s word, Jenna was indeed overflowing with positivity. Her family may not have been present, but it’s likely they felt the joy all the way in Ohio.

Sam met Jenna at Ohio State University. Where he was working as a research engineer in the food science department. And she was in the program getting her masters. Sam was working for Jenna’s advisor. While filming a commercial for the boss/advisor, they had to look like they were chatting. Sam says, “we just never stopped that scene.” 

The best part of the proposal? They had this intimate perch all to themselves. And while Cricket may have been willing to scare onlookers away (kidding, she’s the sweetest), it was entirely unnecessary. We are super lucky to know the hidden gems. A private sunrise proposal in Acadia where the magic of the island is undisturbed. Pretty sure there were a few folks up on Cadillac looking down on this in envy. Now, for the secluded sunrise proposal in Acadia sure to make you think 5am is worth waking up for.

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Let us help you plan your own Acadia proposal:

It really is our favorite place on the planet and certainly one of the top National Parks in the country! Our process for Acadia proposals starts with getting to know the proposer and understanding what their vision of the event is. We’ll then work with you to find the best location and time of day to propose in Acadia and work with you in any way we can to help with the remainder of the planning and keeping it a secret.

If proposing in Acadia on Cadillac Mountain at sunrise is what speaks to you, then we’re all for helping you plan it. But often this idea has less to do with personal connection and more to do with not having a strong familiarity with the park. Kate has been visiting Acadia every year since she was a child and introduced Keith when they shot their first wedding together there. We now spend the majority of the year exploring the park while we stay at our family’s home in Somesville. A Covid-escape-turned-fulltime. It is with this passion and knowledge of the park that we can find the perfect place for your surprise proposal in Acadia National Park and be there with you to photograph the first chapter in your wedding story.

We intentionally don’t give out too many of our secrets here for the benefit of our couples. If you’re interested in working with us to photograph your Acadia proposal we’d love to chat with you! Let’s start making plans! Contact us now!

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