We love blocking out a few hours and hitting up some of Acadia’s most photogenic locations with couples. During the height of the season, it’s key to have a designated driver. Meaning we don’t have to worry about parking eating up precious golden light time. And with our knowledge of the park, we have a rough road map in mind, that often gets modified in the moment. Invariably there will be a hiccup, whether related or traffic related, and we’ll add or subtract locations on the fly. Sometimes this means, “Oh my gosh, look at the cloud formations right now! XX will be amazing with that backdrop!” Or, fog will roll in, a tour group will be letting off right as we pull up. Or any number of unplanned events. With Alex and Alex, we had some overcast skies during midday when crowds were at their highest. But still managed to squeeze in some epic locations within a short time frame. And in many cases have the place to ourselves. By the end of the tour, our driver (their friend) was ready to be hired by Ollie’s Trolleys. And we all had some phenomenal inside jokes going. Not to mention some fantastic Acadia couples photography! 2024-05-31_0010.jpg 2024-05-31_0009.jpg 2024-05-31_0005.jpg 2024-05-31_0001.jpg 2024-05-31_0002.jpg 2024-05-31_0008.jpg 2024-05-31_0006.jpg 2024-05-31_0013.jpg 2024-05-31_0004.jpg 2024-05-31_0016.jpg 2024-05-31_0011.jpg 2024-05-31_0007.jpg 2024-05-31_0015.jpg 2024-05-31_0014.jpg 2024-05-31_0003.jpg

Let us help you plan your own Photo Tour of Acadia:

It really is our favorite place on the planet and certainly one of the top National Parks in the country! Our process for Acadia couples photography starts with getting to know you both and understanding what your vision of the photos are. We’ll then work with you to find the best location and time of day to take a photo tour of Acadia.

If making reservations for Cadillac Mountain at sunset is what speaks to you, then we’re all for helping you plan it. But often this idea has less to do with personal connection and more to do with not having a strong familiarity with the park. Kate has been visiting Acadia every year since she was a child and introduced Keith when they shot their first wedding together there in 2013. We now spend the entire summer+ exploring the park while we stay at our family’s home in Somesville. It is with this passion and knowledge of the park that we can find the perfect places for your photo tour of Acadia National Park and create some amazing memories.

We intentionally don’t give out too many of our secrets here for the benefit of our couples. If you’re interested in working with us to photograph your photo tour of Acadia we’d love to chat with you! Let’s start making plans! Contact us now!

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Get more information about Acadia from the National Park Service