If you’re thinking of planning a sunset proposal in Acadia, you should know that not many things will perk our ears up more than any variation of, “Can you guys help me plan my Acadia National Park proposal?

Seriously, it just might be our favorite phrase (well, right after ‘vegan ice cream’ but that’s a whole different story)!

We really, really love Acadia (it’s where we got engaged AND married, after all!), and we find it impossibly hard to resist any couple who has folded this special place into their own wedding story! Whether it’s Maine’s famous rocky coast or a woodsy proposal tucked into one of the park’s birch groves, we get really excited to start cooking up a plan that is as unique as the couple we’re working with.

In this particular case, the unsuspecting soon-to-be-bride-to-be (phew…say that five times fast!) was actually named for the park after her parents fell in love here. So when Greg decided to propose to Acadia, he knew exactly what the occasion called for.

A sunset proposal in Acadia National Park!

Okay, hold onto your hats because this proposal had some unexpected twists and turns that are a perfect example of why we love working with adventurous couples!

Greg lured Acadia up to the secluded lookout we’d conspired with him to pick (you know how much we love sharing our intimate knowledge of Acadia and working closely with the “proposer” to find that exact perfect location!).

His backpack of drinks and snacks convinced her there was nothing but a sunset picnic planned, so of course there was no reason at all to be suspicious of the other two hikers there just waiting for the sunset (hint: that’s us!).

So we waited.

The sun got lower and they took a few selfies.

And we waited.

The big weather system we could see in the distance started getting closer.

But we waited.

The minutes ticked by as Greg stayed on top of his nerves and waited for just the right moment.

And then it happened. He was on one knee, the lake reflecting the light that was citrusy as the storm clouds refracted the sunset, and Acadia’s shock didn’t take long to transform into tears of joy and laughter.

Just as that weather system hit the lookout and the skies opened over them.

Here’s where it pays off to lean into adventure and roll with the unexpected. Where other people might have panicked or run for cover, these two embraced the surprise, embraced the rain, embraced the moment just as it unfolded, and, of course, embraced each other as they shifted their story from new love to deep commitment.

We believe that by definition, the idea of adventure is inextricably tied to fully and enthusiastically accepting and welcoming the unexpected. It’s why we’re proud to be adventure wedding photographers and why we work with couples who are looking for exactly that attitude as well. Greg and Acadia embodied this as the weather so suddenly shifted and the rain poured down.

We’re not going to lie, it was magic.

We’ve spent decades exploring Acadia National Park without ever seeing anything quite like this. The weather, all of us soaked and dripping wet, actually added to the experience in so many ways. The entire evening was example after example of truly incredible moments that could not possibly have been planned, but were incredible precisely because everyone involved- Greg, Acadia, and both of us- were open to the unexpected and the extraordinary, and stayed flexible within the plan we’d prepared.

So we hung back, “hikers with cameras” and took turns drying our lenses as we soaked in the joy of capturing Greg and Acadia without intruding. Their elation seemed to be echoed in the light, the glittering summer rain, the shifting clouds, the vibrant sky.

Eventually Greg introduced us to Acadia and after sharing a little rain dance as new friends, we spent some time getting a few amazing casual portraits of them in the actual moments that they celebrated their brand new engagement.

One of the best aspects of about having us there from the very start is that this really is the beginning of all things wedding! From this moment, you are making announcements on social media and sharing your proposal story again and again with family and friends. Having gorgeous photos of that story without having to step out of the moment to try to get them yourselves is something the couples we work with say again and again they are so glad they did.

Plus, we really, really love it…especially when it includes a sunset proposal in Acadia, our very own “happiest place on earth.”

Then the rain was gone as quickly as it began and we were left with an unbelievable sunset that left no room to even notice our dripping hair and soaked through clothing. Greg and Acadia had a chance for a celebratory toast as the sun dipped below the horizon leaving nothing but fiery oranges and watery blues in the sky behind it.

We laughed and talked as we all hiked back to the car by the lights of our phones, getting to know each other and rehashing the exceptional evening. We’ll say it again, one of our favorite parts of capturing a proposal is that we get to be there right at the start, right at the very beginning of a couple’s wedding story. It’s just a phenomenal experience.

After having us with them at the very beginning of their wedding story, Acadia & Greg said “We can’t imagine having anyone else with us to photograph our wedding weekend.” Months later and we are already getting so excited for Greg and Acadia’s wedding this November in Asheville, NC.

With such an eventful proposal, we wouldn’t be surprised by a tame tornado with a quadruple rainbow this summer, but regardless of the weather, we’re pretty sure this adventurous couple will have a spectacular wedding weekend and we can’t wait to be there!

Thank you again, Greg and Acadia, for being such good sports as your sunset proposal in Acadia turned into the world’s most beautiful (and short-lived) downpour!

Sunset summer storm Acadia National Park

We were beginning to get nervous as the sun dipped lower…when was Greg going to get this proposal underway?

Sunset proposal Acadia National Park

Acadia’s reaction was amazing! So fun.

surprise proposal Acadia National Park

surprise sunset proposal Acadia National Park

surprise engagement Acadia National Park

sunset engagement proposal Maine

And then the skies opened and this proposal turned into a dream photoshoot. Seriously. Adventurous couple + inclement weather + Acadia National Park + proposal = happiest wedding photographers EVER.

rainy engagement Acadia National Park


rain engagement Maine coast

You want proof that you should never reschedule a shoot when the forecast includes a little rain? Here you go…

Adventure proposal Acadia National Park

sunset proposal rain Acadia National Park

adventure wedding photography Acadia National Park

surprise rain proposal Acadia Maine

Have we mentioned that Acadia National Park is our favorite place on earth? Just checking.

summer rainstorm engagement Acadia National Park

summer rainstorm proposal Acadia National Park

surprise sunset engagement proposal Acadia National Park

Gah!! The fun of this proposal STILL gets us pumped!

sunset proposal Acadia National Park

surprise proposal Acadia Maine


Let us help you plan your sunset proposal in Acadia National Park:

It really is our favorite place on the planet and certainly one of the top National Parks in the country! Our process for Acadia proposals starts with getting to know the proposer and understanding what their vision of the event is. We’ll then work with them to find the best location and time of day to propose in Acadia and work with them in any way we can to help with the remainder of the planning and keeping it a secret.

If proposing in Acadia on Cadillac Mountain at sunrise is what speaks to you, then we’re all for helping you plan it. But often this idea has less to do with personal connection and more to do with not having a strong familiarity with the park. Kate has been visiting Acadia every year since she was a child and introduced Keith to it when they shot their first wedding together there. We now spend several months a year exploring the park while we stay at our family’s home near Beech Mountain. It is with this passion and knowledge of the park that we can find the perfect place for your surprise proposal in Acadia and be there with you to photograph the first chapter in your wedding story.

We intentionally don’t give out too many of our secrets here for the benefit of our couples. If you’re interested in working with us to photograph your Acadia National Park proposal we’d love to chat with you! Let’s start making plans! Contact us now!

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