The question we got asked the most last week was, “You went to a hippie festival, right?” It’s the same story from the people in our world who are not in the yoga know. And we can’t really blame them for their terminology. I mean, yoga used to be synonymous with unshaved armpits and heavy wafts of  patchouli. But what is it all about now?

MC Yogi concert

It’s about music that moves you to jump like you never thought you would, and dance with that person you just met.

Wanderlust hammock friends in Stratton Vermont.

It’s about inviting someone special into your personal space with absolutely zero ulterior motives, and unabashedly being you.

Happy Boston Terrier doing yoga at Wanderlust in Stratton Vermont.

It’s about realizing you’re really just the same as everyone else when it comes right down to it.

Wanderlust Farm to Table Dinner at Stratton Vermont

It’s about nourishing your body with the most natural ingredients possible,

Wanderlust Stratton summit friends in Vermont.

Remembering to take time out for friends

Wanderlust Sanduk hammock in Vermont

And most importantly yourself.

Wanderlust Stratton Vermont yoga class

Huh? It’s not about wearing tight clothes and throwing your leg behind your neck? Peace, love and namaste?

Oh, don’t get us wrong. At the core of the lifestyle is a sense of place, respect for the world and inherent need to give of yourself. So, yeah, from an outsider’s perspective, this can look like one big love fest.

Wanderlust Stratton festival in Vermont
Wanderlust Stratton festival in Vermont
Wanderlust Stratton festival in Vermont
Dancing at Wanderlust Stratton festival in Vermont

But it’s also a celebration of art, music, culture, and serene landscapes that bring us back to our roots.


To us, Wanderlust is about peeling off the layers of life’s stresses that have bogged you down and getting back in tune with that sparkle in your eye. It’s about finding the freedom to challenge yourself, take a deep breath knowing someone has your back, and seeing just how high you can really jump.


Let out that inner child, let in the smiles and willingness to try new things and LIVE. It’s not just about 4 days in the mountains, it’s about a way of life. And for us, it’s also about who we are as Kate & Keith.

From couples in love to mission driven organizations, the arms-wide-open mentality is what drives our work. We feel blessed to be part of the lifestyle, even though our flexibility rivals that of a moose and our noses prefer the smells of chocolate to patchouli.