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NH Seacoast Engagement Sunrise

Meg & DJ wanted a location for their engagement photos that resonated with their personality. Being from the Seacoast, and longtime swimmers, Rye Beach was a perfect choice.

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7 Reasons To Plan Your NH Seacoast Wedding Now

Daydreaming of a NH Seacoast wedding? February can be the most challenging month to grasp at memories of summer. Between snow storms, black ice and painfully short days the times of chirping crickets, rain drops pattering on the roof and an endless amount of adventuring to be done can seem like a truly distant dream.

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Rustic Barn Wedding at Kitz Farm, Seacoast NH

Rustic barn wedding? Yes, it’s nothing new, but for Adrienne and Morgan it’s no trend. The couple recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire (UNH). Adrienne grew up in the far northern region of New Hampshire, the type of girl who is more comfortable with a chain saw than a curling iron.

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Gretchen & Dan’s Fuller Gardens Wedding, North Hampton, NH

A sun-soaked beach house, an antique Cadillac, an intimate gathering of family and friends, this Fuller Gardens wedding could only be made better by a pretty cool couple! Welcome to Gretchen & Dan’s whirlwind wedding planned and executed in only 7 weeks!

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