Hawaii Wedding

Stories, tips, and, advice from our adventures.

Indian/Japanese/Korean Hawaii Wedding

November 18th was most definitely the best Indian/Japanese/Korean Hawaii wedding we have EVER been to! Yes, we know this is hard to believe. Maybe it had to do with Sumoha contacting her guru with a list of wedding dates to determine which number held the best luck. Or Andrew’s sister folding a thousand cranes. But we are thinking it most likely is the result of Sumoha & Andrew being incredible people.

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Langdon & Jon, Kualoa Ranch, Kaneohe Hawaii

Langdon and Jon may not show up to things on time, but when they do you forget all about having been waiting. These are two of the most compassionate people, with fully contagious smiles and great passion for life. The Kualoa Ranch Wedding Kaneohe Hawaii was perfect for a long awaited union.

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Kristin & Mike, Waimanalo Beach – Waimanalo, HI

The Hawaiian beach wedding dreams are made of! Kristin and Mike might just be the poster couple of “it was meant to be.” You know, the Harry Met Sally of the non-Hollywood world. Where paths cross so many times you begin to wonder why it took so long to actually happen and rather than hearing “Congratulations!” after announcing an engagement the catching phrase is “it’s about time!”

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