Farm Wedding

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Real Farm Wedding New Hampshire

Becky & Salt took “rustic farm wedding” to a perfectly literal new level. Throwing an intimate real farm wedding in New Hampshire – one with chickens, sheep, horses and manure.

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Same Sex Wedding at Monadnock Berry Farm

First impression paints these two as shy, but within moments the laughter is contagious, inside jokes rapidly form and a relationship with them seems as natural as the one they have with each other. Like it was always meant to be. Have you ever seen anything as cute as deez? #insideJoke

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Michelle & AJ’s Rustic Tumbledown Farm Wedding

Rustic weddings are definitely the trend these days, likely sending burlap and Mason jar sales through the roof! Michelle and AJ truly embody the whole concept, being outdoor enthusiasts, environmental stewards and taking casual to a whole new level. Well, they took rustic to a new level for their Tumbledown Farm NH wedding, a truly authentic barn venue complete with Highland cow herds, tractors and a chicken coop larger than some apartments.

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