We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect weekend wedding for Alicia & Graves. Their Boothbay Harbor Wedding Weekend was a mix of casual, adventure and sophistication. There was also a wee bit of nudity. Hats off to the Linekin Bay Resort wedding staff!! The entire facility is amazing and beautiful, and the staff were like old friends.

Boothbay Harbor Wedding party
Boothbay Harbor Wedding cruise
boat wedding rehearsal

Before you get too excited, know that we were fully warned ahead of time. But we’ll fill you in on that later. First, to tell you about these two amazing people. We can’t remember how they came to us, but we’re going to be investing 100% of our marketing budget into it so we can replicate everything!

Foggy Linekin Bay Resort
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Casual Wedding Preparation

Alicia grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. We fell in love with her at that moment. Her parents are originally from Bombay, India. Mom wanted to be a doctor and knew she wouldn’t have the same opportunities there, so moved to America. Two years later Dad followed. They started the rural farm and officially removed themselves as far as possible from bustling Bombay. After a phone call with her dad, we fell in love with them too.

So where does Maine come into play? The summer before senior year, Alicia & her dad hit the road for New England college tours. They did the Maine circuit of Bates, Colby and Bowdoin and the two fell for Maine in the way so many of us have. However, Alicia went to college in Minnesota. Not sure what happened there. Then she was taken to Washington DC for med school. This is where Graves enters.

Pre-Wedding games
Bride and Groom Pre-Wedding canoe trip
Wedding branded seating chart
Wedding Cake Pops
Bridal party prep time sippy straws

On an innocent evening in 2013 mutual friends gathered on a residential rooftop. There was a hot tub. There was blackberry whiskey. And there was Graves, a tall, handsome single man, passionate about his career. The first date was in a basement level Italian restaurant. The rest is history.

Wedding dress Linekin Bay Resort
Make America Graves Again Wedding Hats
Coastal Wedding Rings Seashell

Graves is from Cincinnati, but grew up all over. Denver, San Francisco, Chicago. He began working on the Obama campaign which took him all over the country. Then brought him to DC with the administration. And now he works for an ad agency born from the campaign trail, but incorporating a wider spectrum of corporate clients now.

Linekin Bay Resort Groom Preparation Cabin

For every ounce of intelligence Alicia & Graves have, they posses an equal amount of fun and creativity. Alicia’s friends are fiercely loyal, from childhood through college and residency. Graves’ friends are loving, dedicated and accomplished.

Linekin Bay Resort Bride Preparation Cabin
Linekin Bay Resort Bride Preparation Cabin

A tradition was born every Spring. With about twenty friends from grad school, they go skiing in a different location each year. Tahoe, Park City. Alicia & Graves took the vacation to the next level by immediately flying some place warm afterward.

Last year it was Costa Rica. Graves worked with the resort to plan a special night for Alicia. Yes, the kind that involves a ring. The resort may have been slightly exuberant. While they were only supposed to set out some champagne on the beach for the two to stumble upon, they took it a little further. The champagne was indeed on the beach, but surrounded by a heart shaped slew of rose petals. Just a slight tip off to Alicia, but nonetheless a surprise.

Linekin Bay Resort First Look Location
Linekin Bay Resort First Look Location
Linekin Bay Resort First Look Location

Maine returned to the picture while dating. Alicia & Graves began vacationing in Acadia National Park during the summer. And while they hoped to marry there, no venues fit the bill. So Alicia’s parents were sent on a venue tour in their retirement, seeing nearly 20. They narrowed it down to the final 4, and Linekin Resort was selected. It’s a magical place in Boothbay Harbor allowing for a weekend wedding with few restrictions.

We have been to our share of summer camp weddings, and we adore them. Linekin (pronounced Lin-eh-kin) take this concept to a new level. Located right on the ocean, they have all the fun activities of a summer camp with fewer limits. They also have gorgeous cottages arranged in cabin style throughout the property.

Linekin Bay Resort Wedding First Look Location
Boothbay Harbor Wedding Bride Groom

So Alicia & Graves’ family and friends joined for Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate a destination wedding in Maine. Saturday evening we took a boat cruise around the harbor. Enjoying the ocean breeze and catching the last light of the day. We were let off in downtown to enjoy dinner before meeting back up for music. Linekin provided a shuttle taking guests back to the resort.

Wedding Moment between bride and grandmother
Groomsmen celebrate with scotch
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Wedding selfie Bride and parents

Sunday was down to business. The DIY flowers were dropped off in buckets to be arranged. Placecards folded, a seating chart set up. And of course plenty of fun. From impromptu kayak trips, to beach combing, volleyball and canoeing, there wasn’t a dull spot at the resort.

Bride and parents ceremony at Linekin Bay Resort
Linekin Bay Resort Ceremony Location
Linekin Bay Resort Ceremony Location

While Alicia & Graves’ chose not to have a bridal party, they each spent time with their friends in separate cabins having drinks and getting ready. Glasses made with the wedding logo, hats printed with “Make America Graves Again” and plenty of time to enjoy everything.

Boothbay Harbor Wedding location on water
Ceremony Location Linekin Bay Resort
Ceremony Location Linekin Bay Resort

Alicia & Graves are extremely relaxed around one another. It’s party of what creates a sense of calm around them. But they are also witty, full of energy and wiling to try most anything. So it’s pretty shocking that we didn’t end up in the water at some point during the evening.

Bride and Groom Boat Ride Linekin Bay Resort Wedding
Bride and Groom Linekin Bay Resort Wedding
Boothbay Harbor Wedding photo

Graves entered the ceremony by boat with his mother. And returned to it with Alicia afterwards. Cocktail hour was outside around the pool. Then into the dinning hall for toasts and dinner. Tables were set up along the length of the room in farmhouse style. It was the perfect arrangement for a slew of insanely funny and clever speeches. The entire room was a roar, continuing during Alicia’s father’s slideshow.

Giant Group Wedding Photo Bothbay Harbor
Dress Whites Toast
Candid Wedding photo
Candid Wedding photo

You’re wondering where the nudity came in, right? We haven’t forgotten. Naturally we save the best for last. Moving the party into the hall, full bellies were no match for the dance floor. And as promised, once Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” came on, shirts began flying. The guys from Alicia’s college days had a tradition, and no sense of formality was getting in the way. Graves fought the good fight and landed himself crowd surfing instead of loosing clothing.

Wide Angle Wedding Photo
First Dance on Water
Reception Location Linekin Bay Resort
First Dance Reception Linekin Bay Resort
Candid Wedding Photography

It makes a wedding like this hard to top. Oceanside in Maine, for a full weekend, with real beds, great food, amazing people and stunning weather. And most importantly, our gaining of two friends.

Candid Wedding Photo
Candid Wedding Photo
Linekin Bay Resort Wedding Venue Night Photo

Boothbay Harbor Wedding Details:

Linekin Bay Resort – Venue
About Face Maine – Makeup
Bonnie’s A Cut Above – Hair
Hitched Bridal Couture in DC – Bridal Salon
Christos – Gown
Bella Belle – Shoes
Brilliant Earth – Rings
S.D. Shah & Co. Jewellers (India) – jewelery
Bonobos – Groom’s Suit
Blue Cloud Farm – DIY Flowers
Patrick McIntyre – DJ
Nothing Bakes Like A Parrot – Baker
Branding – Laura Harwick (friend)

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