Mount Desert Island (MDI) summers are full of magic! Meghan & Ben seemed more than happy to prove this right during an epic Acadia sunset sailing photography session. Our time with them meandering Southwest Harbor on a Friendship Sloop was beyond words.

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We met Meghan through a mutual friend and after romping around town with her for business photos (she is an amazing lady boss at, we were lucky enough to be included in a different part of her life. Having grown up on the island, Meghan is fully in her comfort zone on land or water. And while this was the first time we spent with Ben, it was obvious he was just as much an islander.

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With Cadillac Mountain off in the distance, the water was like glass and we made our way through the harbor. The Quiet Side seems to pertain to the water as well as land and we had the harbor to ourselves. Our goal was take in the sunset, and we had ourselves positioned perfectly as we waited. A mist blanketed the island in a fine layer while the sun lowered casting a glow across the water.

None of us could believe our luck with the beauty. The sunset seemed to last for hours and get more glorious over time. Our amazing captain and first mate helped us photograph from both on the boat and from a dinghy. This inspired the hashtag #dinghyshots and a ton of laughs!! It remains the most amazing Acadia sunset we can remember. Honestly, any words used to describe will pale in comparison to the photos. So, deviating from our traditional style, we’ll let the pictures do the talking here!

Maine Sailing Engagement Photos
Acadia Sailing Engagement Photos
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Romantic Adventure Sunset Sailing Photography
Gorgeous Acadia Sunset
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Acadia Sunset Sailing Photography

Thank you Meghan & Ben for an unreal experience in our favorite place on earth! Southwest Harbor will never be the same for us!

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