Ever heard of Migis Lodge? It’s the go-to spot for a Sebago Lake wedding. What you probably don’t know is that Wind in the Pines also hosts weddings and we think it’s the best kept secret around! Sarah and Colby road tripped it up from DC to take over the camp with family and friends for the weekend.

Want to know what type of people Sarah and Colby are? The kind that have a costume party in lieu of a rehearsal dinner!

Raymond, Maine Wedding costume party

Their story is surprisingly no less unique. Sarah landed herself on stage of a reggae concert playing the bongo drums while on vacation in Colorado. Colby was in the audience.  After 3 blissful days of romance Sarah returned to Maine, quit her job and drove across country in a Caprice named Moby Dick with her dad (serious props to him!)

Sebago Lake Wedding Raymond, ME bride getting ready

After a year the job market turned up nothing and she found herself living in Chile, then NYC for grad school, a stint at the Mexican border then Boston where she and Colby once again occupied the same city!

Sebago Lake Wedding ceremony officiant

Don’t worry, Colby is no bore either! Born in Montana, he is an outdoorsman to the core. He rode a bike across country where he decided to propose to Sarah and carved her engagement ring out of wood. A biochemist, he specializes in energy and biofuel.

Sebago Lake Wedding ceremony father bride
Sebago Lake Wedding ceremony guests

After nine and a half years together, it’s likely that their friends and family never thought this day would arrive, so naturally there were a few tears.

Sebago Lake Wedding ceremony closeup bride groom
Sebago Lake Wedding ring photos

Sarah currently works with developing countries to implement policy and institutional reform in a effort to grow their economies. And while she had no formal bridal party, it’s of no surprise that her enormous heart brought together an amazing group of women who stood by her the entire weekend.

Sebago Lake Wedding photos

When we finally convinced everyone to leave the happy couple behind for the cocktail party, we set out in a canoe for a little adventure of our own where I worked on my core strength while standing in the canoe and Keith learned to wield oars from a row boat.

Sebago Lake Wedding canoe ride
Sebago Lake Wedding

We almost forgot to come back to shore we were having so much fun. But the light was fading quickly and the mosquitoes seemed to have recently injected themselves with steroids.

Sebago Lake Wedding ceremony
Raymond, Maine Wedding photographers

It was obvious they were having a little too much fun. For every serious image they gave us a good dose of solid personality to compliment.

Sebago Lake Raymond, Maine Wedding photographers

The main cabin hosted the cocktail party and dinner venue with picnic tables, masses of gluten free food (yay!), a pinata and a sneaky sangria.

wedding Camp wind in the pines
wedding Camp wind in the pines flowers
Camp wedding Raymond, Maine details
love notes Camp wedding Raymond, Maine details

Before settling into a movie entitled Sarah and Colby’s Covalent Bonding, an elemental table of cupcakes were served, with the two elements bearing the couple’s initials reserved.

A night as wonderful as this could only be topped by the closest of friends and sparklers…

Bride groom sparklers Maine wedding photographers
Bride groom sparklers sebago lake Maine wedding photographers

Thank you Sarah and Colby for an amazing weekend, sharing your lives with us and proving that rustic is indeed something created from love.

Sebago Lake Wedding Details

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