Nothing says Seacoast Wedding like a Seacoast Science Center wedding! For Jacqui & Tyler, who work and live in the Seacoast community, this was the perfect place for their day. The Seacoast Science Center in Rye, sits along the very short stretch of the New Hampshire coastline. Host to many community events, and a steward in ocean education, it’s a place many NH children come for school field trips. Nestled among the many beaches, surfing hot spots, and New England coastal communities this venue is a perfect location for an oceanside wedding.

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Jacqui, Tyler and pup Bruce (aka Bru) can be found along the coast on walks, soaking in the sun, and catching sunsets. And on this mid-August day they got hitched, on the edge of the ocean, with sun, fun, and a crazy storm that never let go.

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Jacqui grew up on the Seacoast, her family still there. She went to the University of New Hampshire and met Tyler. Tyler grew up in Concord, NH. Not quite the Seacoast, but yet he manages to embody the mentality perfectly. However, despite their mutual love for live music, camping, road tripping and the sun, they were in different social circles at college.

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After graduating, both ended up moving to Colorado, independently. It wasn’t until Jacqui was back home for a visit that a friend suggested she reach out to Tyler sometime. Upon returning to Colorado she did. Tyler was in the Vail area working in the ski industry. Jacqui was bartending in Breckenridge.

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They began finding their way together, fitting perfectly. And while Tyler was bouncing around to different ski resorts each season, Jacqui was slightly more established not wanting to start at the bottom for every bar she went to. She brought up the possibility of moving back to New Hampshire.

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While the mountains aren’t as tall, and the National Parks not as plentiful, there was family, so they came home. Living on the Seacoast they head to Prescott Park for live music, hit the beaches with Bru, and take adventures throughout New England. And they are always up for stopping to enjoy time with friends.

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J & T are wonderful free spirits who fully embraced the concept of a wedding as an opportunity to celebrate their love with family and friends. They infused their own spirits into their Seacoast Science Center wedding. T grew potted plants that acted as their wedding alter. J brought her Bohemian style with a gorgeous wedding dress and floral accents.

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T wasn’t about to let Jacqui be the best dressed by a landslide. His suit brought some serious style with the white shimmery accents in his coat. And together they could easily be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine’s wedding edition.

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Wedding day was one we won’t forget. The weather report constantly shifted, and it was a total downpour on our drive there. Skies cleared in time for the outdoor oceanside wedding. And by dinner, the wind had picked up and skies turned dark gray. It felt inevitable that the white caps on the ocean were declaring an impending storm. But the storm never came. The energy in the air remained at full volume without ever unleashing.

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If we were to get poetic, we’d say it was pretty perfect for J & T. They are two souls who live life to the fullest no matter the forecast. Finding the lack of sun an opportunity for sweaters and snuggles. Or rain providing growth for their plants. There’s always a way to make the most of the moment.

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Fittingly, J & T headed West for their honeymoon. Road tripping through Colorado and hitting all their favorite places. We’re pretty sure they will never stop finding “home” wherever they go. And no matter where they are, a close pack of friends will surround them. It’s hard not to feel warmth, happiness and fun in their presence.

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We’re honored to have been included in their inner circle. And seen how amazing a Seacoast Science Center wedding can be! We can’t wait to see where their adventures take them next!

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Seacoast Science Center Wedding details:

Seacoast Science Center, Rye NH – Venue
Lori Walter Weddings & Events – Planner
Lulu Posh Hair – Hair
Sonja’s Spa Spot – Makeup
Spell and the Gypsy Collectice – Gown
Show Me Your Mumu – Bridesmaids’ Dresses
Men’s Warehouse – Groom’s Attire
Etsy & friend Martha – Jewelry
Etsy – Stationery
Audibl Events – DJ
Outdoor Pride of Rye – Flowers
Applecrest Farm – Donuts
Little Neck Clambake Company – Catering
Exeter Events and Tents – Tent
DeeLuxe Bartending – Bartender