Keith (the groom) says he and Kayla could not be more opposite. But that’s okay, it allows them to fit together to form something that is whole, and makes them such a fun couple. Looking for the perfect New Hampshire lake venue, Kayla & Keith settled on Lake Shore Village Resort wedding for their weekend long celebration.

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Kayla & Keith grew up in the Dover, Portsmouth area of New Hampshire. They went to the same high school. Keith was dating a friend of Kayla’s. Needless to say, the two didn’t have much of a relationship then. In fact, when Keith dumped Kayla’s friend, she found herself an anti-fan of Keith’s. College took them in different directions and it was back at home they ran into one another. Keith smoothly called Kayla by the wrong name.

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Fast forward two years later, after college. They ran into one another again. Keith was prepared this time. He asked to buy Kayla a drink as an apology for forgetting her name. Well played, Keith. Kayla, however wasn’t into the idea of dating someone from her high school. If you know Keith, you can understand how such a dilemma would be easily squashed.

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Lakeshore Village Resort Wedding

Keith is charming, in the way that makes his mom proud, and creates a best friend in his dad. We like to think his qualities go with the name, loyal, intelligent, athletic, compassionate. Keith loves New Hampshire, the lakes, mountains and ocean. He enjoys spending time with friends, is devoted to his family, and always up for a weekend adventure.

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Kayla is no bore herself. The kind of woman who can make a potato sack look good, she is full of energy and fun. Her caring and love for her friends is something we are inspired by. And growing up going to Ossipee Lake, she too has a love for the outdoors.

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Dating for over five years, you’d be hard pressed to consider them opposites. They live in Boston and enjoy all the city has to offer. Weekends are opportunities to head to New Hampshire to visit family and their chocolate lab, Luke. We were lucky to be introduced to Luke during the engagement session in Boston. A totally relaxed happy dog, Kayla & Keith are entirely devoted to him. A Lake Shore Village Resort wedding likely would not have been an option if Luke hadn’t been welcomed.

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Nearly two years ago Keith planned his big surprise. He invited Kayla’s friends to town while inviting Kayla to the Boston Museum of Fine Art. In front of Winslow Homer’s The Fog Warning, her friends popped out behind her. She excitedly greeted them and when she turned back towards Keith he was on one knee. While the painting holds special meaning to them, they joke about the depiction of stormy waters and nearly capsized boat not in any way forecasting the future of their marriage!

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Kayla & Keith knew they wanted a wedding in New Hampshire by a lake and found Lake Shore Village Resort fit their needs in every way. Different from a summer camp wedding, this venue is built for kids at heart only. The cabins are more like homes and the opportunities are abundant. With kayaking, paddle boarding, boating and swimming, Lake Horace is big enough to provide plenty of fun without sacrificing privacy.

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With tennis, beach volleyball, campfires and 18 acres of wooded seclusion, there was activity all weekend long. Each cabin was equipped with full kitchen, and a comfy living space but hardly any time was spent indoors. Kayla & Keith wanted to have a place where all of their friends and family could come and relax for the full weekend. We’re thrilled to have had them choose us to photograph their wedding and to be a part of it all.

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Lake Shore Village Resort Wedding ceremony location
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Bunked in Cabin 9 with Kayla’s Aunt & Uncle, we were part of the mix from the beginning. Enjoying a family cookout after a beach rehearsal. Then campfires by the lake under the stars. By Saturday we already knew most of the guests, and the morning was spent enjoying the resort.

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From sunrise the camp was alive with activity. Both Keith’s (Kayla’s and Kate’s) likely had more fun than the girls as the morning was wide open for lake time and bouncing around from volley ball to cabin shenanigans to water skiing. Kayla spent the morning with the ladies in her royal cabin atop the hill overlooking all the activities. Hair and makeup in full swing, champagne flowing, and plenty of nibbles to consume. A wagon made by her father waited to drive them all down the hill for the ceremony.

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Keith was first met at the altar by Luke, decked out in his tuxedo cuffs. His dad stood by his side as best man. And his bride radiated her way down the aisle. But don’t be confused, this wasn’t actually Kayla & Keith’s day!

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It was Lucas’ 11th birthday! So really, it was all about him. He was getting his human mom & dad together forever, loads of people around to pat his head, and a guarantee of food “accidentally” dropping to his level. Kayla & Keith were nice enough to give Luke a cover since he really struggles being the center of attention. Well done, guys!!

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And so the celebration went. With no time limits on their fun, or need to feel rushed, they were married during an unusually warm fall day. A leisurely boat ride around the lake gave the newlyweds time to soak it all in before the party began. Then the night was unleashed!

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Bleary eyed guests woke with the sun the next morning eager to enjoy the remaining bits of lake time. Michael, the owner of Lake Shore Village flipped pancakes in the snack shack, by ten a line was forming along the sand. With no shortage of real maple syrup from a neighboring sugar shack, brunch was in full swing.

Lake Shore Village Resort Wedding Morning
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We left this Lake Shore Village Resort wedding feeling incredibly relaxed, regardless of the non-stop activity over the weekend. Kayla & Keith have a calm about them that allows their friends to shed their stress. Over the course of more than a year we had the opportunity to experience this first hand. Through dinner out, impromptu vegan ice cream dates, and crashing Kayla’s favorite donut shop.

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Lakeshore Village Resort

The best part of this wedding weekend? It’s only just the beginning for the K4 Team!

Lake Shore Village Resort wedding photographers details:

Lake Shore Village Resort, Weare NH – Venue
Inside Out Beauty Studio – Hair & Makeup
Aunt Elaine – Officiant
Vow’s Bridal – Bridal Shop
Ansonia Bridal Veils – Veil
Steve Madden – Shoes
Vera Wang – Bridesmaids’ Dresses
Men’s Warehouse – Groom’s Attire
Market Square Jewelers – Jewelry
Jewelry Creations – Jewelry
Minted – Stationery
The Pros, Aaron & Michelle – DJ
Sorella Floral Design – Flowers
Just LIke Mom’s Pastries – Baker
The Red Blazer – Catering
Pour Me Bartending – Bartending

Are you planning a Lake Shore Village Resort wedding? Or another equally awesome wedding? We’d love to chat with you and learn more about your wedding plans. Here’s where you can contact us!!