A Grafton Inn wedding sounds like quaint and rustic Vermont just by name (and the fact it’s in Vermont.) Yes, it has a certain level of charm that only a Vermont wedding venue can pull off, with rustic barns, New England farmhouses and empty country roads. Unique from so many other venues is the incorporation into the village. With charming new englanders spread around the town center, it’s down by the river, and adjacent to the country store, the Grafton Inn is the town. And it was a perfect location for an adventurous couple from the Cape looking to have a mini destination wedding celebration.

Grafton Inn Wedding Celebration
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Grafton Inn Wedding Venue Vermont

Elizabeth and Nick met on Ok Cupid. Their first date was to Trevi Cafe and Wine Bar in Falmouth, MA. After their meal Nick got up to hit the bathroom and in his absence Lizzy took care of the check. When he returned he figured this meant the date hadn’t gone well in her eyes and he was disappointed. But for Lizzy, this was her expressing just the opposite. She is a caretaker, extending amazing compassion, love and nurturing to those she cares about. Nick had been admitted to this circle. Fortunately, he caught on, and has since learned how to take care of the one who is always there for others.

Grafton Inn Wedding Vermont
Vermont Grafton Inn Wedding

Elizabeth grew up on Cape Cod, a New Englander to the core. She left for college, worked in Chicago and moved back in 2008. Nick moved from hometown of Hanover, MA to Hyannis in 2010 where his parents relocated. Together they built a life in Falmouth around a busy social calendar. In addition to good wine, great food, their cat Sunny and bike rides along their beachside path. Elizabeth frequently travels far and wide for work while Nick commutes through two traffic lights for a whopping 6 minutes. It’s only fair that he has taken on the role of chef.

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Five and a half years passed and Nick invited Lizzy to their hidden beach spot to meet friends for a workout session. When they arrived there were no friends and a picnic basket was planted in the sand. Nick suggested they go take a look, Lizzy thought he was nuts. When she found the wine and food inside she realized what was going on and the rough cut red diamond sealed the deal.

Rough Cut Red Diamond Engagement Ring
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Grafton Inn Wedding First Look
Grafton Inn Wedding First Look

Lizzy is self described as “high energy. Everything is either amazing or terrible.” Nick is her rock. He is the first one to say I’m sorry and offer a hug, the one who takes on the house wife role, and the calm in the storm. Elizabeth has a magnetic draw, insisting on celebrating those around her and always keeping the chips and dip coming! Nicholas being a family name had Lizzy’s parents in love with him from the beginning (along with a shared passion for Junior Mints.)

Grafton Inn Wedding First Look
Grafton Inn Bride Groom First Look
Grafton Inn Wedding Barn
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Grafton Inn Wedding Barn

We met Elizabeth & Nick over Skype from our poolside accommodations in Aruba during a destination wedding. They had been envisioning a similar wedding for themselves, dreaming of the Virgin Islands. Then a visit to Vermont and they fell in love with the idea of a Grafton Inn wedding. It would act as a mini destination for them, and be reflective of their love for Vermont as a constant retreat during their history. So off they went in their wedding mobile, headed for Grafton on Thursday over the Labor Day weekend with friends following up I-91.

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Lizzy’s 8-month pregnant sister officiated their ceremony. Two bridesmaids, Bobbi and Abby, played guitar and sang, Lizzy & Nick read their own vows, and there was plenty of laughter. The Grafton Inn wedding ceremony location is below the fields down by the river. Sun cut through the maples and brought the glow of summer to the afternoon wedding. A scene of perfection made more impressive when you know about the “minor” pre-wedding speed bump Lizzy handled. Only a week prior, Elizabeth’s dress had been scrapped due to an altering mishap. With just days to the ceremony she ordered a new dress and shoes online. Fairly convinced she could wear burlap and make it look good, we weren’t overly concerned. But nonetheless we called local bridal shops to help with a last minute solution just in case. Totally not necessary! Her new dress looked like it had been custom made for her!

Grafton Inn Outdoor Wedding Location
Grafton Inn Outdoor Wedding Location
Grafton Inn Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Outdoor Formal Wedding Vermont
Vermont Outdoor Wedding Bride Grrom
Vermont Outdoor Wedding Bride
Vermont Outdoor Wedding
Grafton Inn Wedding Outdoor Ceremony Location
Grafton Inn Wedding Ceremony Location
Grafton Inn Wedding Ceremony
Grafton Inn Wedding Bride Groom Country Road
Grafton Inn Wedding Bride Groom
Grafton Inn Vermont Wedding Barn

The Grafton Inn wedding celebration perfectly fit Elizabeth & Nick’s personalities. Celebrating with their friends and family, enjoying wonderful food and wine in the Vermont foothills. After a cocktail hour filled with story-laden toasts, dinner was served in the antique rooms of the Inn. Guests then reconvened in the Phelps Barn for dancing.

Grafton Inn Wedding Reception
Grafton Inn Vermont Wedding Dinner
Grafton Inn Vermont Wedding Dinner
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Lizzy & Nick made their getaway the following evening for a mini-moon in Acadia. Climbing mountains, dinning out, biking the carriage trails and making us insanely jealous with their texts and pics! If there is one thing they don’t do, it’s let grass grow under their feet. We can’t wait to drag them back to Acadia with us, and pop into their charming cape when we’re in the area. Nick’s calm and kind smile with Lizzy’s exuberance for life has us captivated!

Grafton Inn Wedding Barn Dance
Father Daughter Dance Barn
Vacation Movie Wedding Photo

To many happy years and little ones! We love you guys!!

Grafton Inn Wedding Details:

Grafton Inn – Historic Inn Wedding Venue
Beauty with Lindsey Messina – Hair & Makeup
Katherine with Matter Flowers – Florist
BHLDN – Bride’s Gown
Bella Belle Shoes – Bride’s Shoes
Adrianna Pappell – Bridesmaid’s Dresses
Bar III – Groom & Groomsmen Attire
Shakti Ellenwood – Wedding Band
Melissa Joy Manning – Engagement Ring
Ben & Bills – Ice Cream
Four Seas – Ice Cream
Grafton Inn – Catering
Mike Toomey of Super Sounds – DJ
Zach Cruz – Videography

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