Planning an Aruba wedding put Amey & Mike in need of a Caribbean destination wedding photographer. We share a love of running with Amey and had met her through the Southern New Hampshire running community. Mike asked Amey to marry him at one of their favorite places, Long Sands beach in York, Maine. Upon hearing of their engagement, we were thrilled that they chose us as their wedding photographers. Kate met Amey in A Market which gave them instant camaraderie and love of fresh foods! With our first official meeting at their place with Moscow Mule’s and fresh spinach strawberry salad, we were hooked!

Caribbean Destination Wedding Photographer
Caribbean Destination Beach Wedding Photographer

Forty-five friends and family headed South over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the two New Hampshire highschool sweethearts. Most of the guests stayed at the Divi All Inclusive resort where the wedding was being held. As a result there was ample opportunity for everyone to become friends and share amazing vacation experiences.

Caribbean Wedding Photographer
Tiki Bar Wedding Party

We completely, whole heartedly believe in and preach the benefits of multi-day weddings. Hence our exuberance to beat Amey and Mike to Aruba and begin photographing their wedding story as they stepped off the airplane. Wednesday there was a small social gathering before sunset to welcome everyone to the island. Plenty of introductions for the guests that we attended without cameras to get to know everyone. The wedding schedule started Thursday with a tiki-bar cocktail party looking out on the horizon.

Rehearsal dinner caribbean excursion
Caribbean Wedding boat party

Friday the entire guest list embarked on a sunset cruise after the rehearsal into the cerulean blue waters of the Caribbean. Equipped with a rope swing and colorful drinks in addition to a jubilant crew, the adventure was a great primer for the following day’s wedding festivities. Amey and Mike practiced their Titanic reenactment while new arrivals introduced themselves. Top Hits started our weekend of dancing on deck, and an amazing signature Aruba sunset capped off the night.

Caribbean Wedding boat party swimming
Caribbean sunset kissing couple

Every wedding weekend is filled with adventurous outings and games, from hiking to corn hole and horseshoes. A Caribbean weekend wedding is no different, well maybe a little different. Aruba’s tallest peak is 600 feet and aside from the beaches it’s basically all desert! So Amey traded her wedding morning run for beach time due to the concern of dehydration on the 92º day. Meanwhile Mike took the men on an island UTV ride consequently ending it in layers of dirt, sand, and happy faces.

Caribbean wedding bachelor party excursion
Logan Trombley
Aruba Wedding excursion
Aruba Wedding excursion gold mine

Amey’s journey to the alter was a bittersweet one. Her grandmother and best friend were both struck with illness making the trip not possible. Friends stepped in to fill the void, and grandparents were streamed through FaceTime for every part of the weekend. It made the sweet notes and surprise gifts all that more meaningful.

Caribbean Wedding Details
Caribbean Wedding Bride Gifts
Caribbean Wedding Bride gown dress
wedding dress
Caribbean wedding getting ready

With a dip in the Atlantic and a shower Mike removed all evidence of the morning’s UTV adventure. With his brother/best man getting wedding ready meant watching soccer and soaking up AC. Finally some last minute details in addition to struggling with the boutonniere enough to make him an official groom.

Caribbean wedding groom getting ready
Caribbean wedding groom getting ready

Instead of a first look with her husband to be, Amey chose to have one with her two fathers. And yes, we nearly cried over this one! The love these two men have for their daughter and step-daughter is palpable.

Bride sees dad
Dad sees bride

Amey then went back into hiding to wait for Mike prior to their special no-look gift exchange. Amey tried to peak as they shared a quiet moment before their I Do’s.

Bride hiding with gift
Bride and groom exchange gifts
Bride and groom read letters

The sun was beating down and for the first time since we had arrived, the clouds parted and revealed a gorgeous blue sky. FaceTime was going, text updates being sent to NH, and Amey vibrated with excitement on her fathers’ arms.

Aruba beach wedding ceremony
Groom Aruba beach wedding ceremony
Caribbean beach wedding ceremony
Bride Caribbean beach wedding ceremony
Rings Caribbean beach wedding ceremony
Caribbean Destination Wedding Photographer
First kiss Caribbean beach wedding ceremony

It only seemed appropriate, after a lifetime already spent together, that these two would choose a new and different place to create something special. A destination wedding for them meant being with their closest friends and family, enjoying not just one day of celebration but an entire week. Creating memories that would last their entire lives, adventuring, exploring, developing new inside jokes. They created a bond that would seem both like a long lost treasure while being inherently a part of their souls. Without the familiarity of their home turf, every aspect was new, exciting and waiting to be discovered.
That energy launched the couple into their reception with total passion, goofiness and celebration. With all the details Amey had created and packed up in a suitcase on display, matching bracelets with their wedding coordinates and sand between their toes, the night began!

 Caribbean beach wedding sweetheart
 Caribbean beach wedding details
 Caribbean beach wedding details
 Caribbean beach wedding table details
Wanderer Bracelets Caribbean Wedding Aruba
Caribbean Wedding Cake Aruba

Their first dance under the canopy of the Sandpiper Bar brought the party to a start.

Caribbean Wedding Dancing Aruba
Caribbean Wedding Bride and Groom Aruba
Caribbean Wedding Dancing Bride and Groom Aruba

We could have spent all night taking pictures. The Caribbean sun creates amazing golden light in one direction while basking the ocean in color. Having two photographers was so key, as the light fades off quickly and the glow gives way to a gentle breeze.

Caribbean Wedding Bride and Groom Aruba Ocean
Caribbean Wedding Bride and Groom Aruba Ocean Kiss
Caribbean Wedding Bride and Groom Beach
Aruba destination wedding photographer
Caribbean Wedding Bride and Groom Beach Sunset Ocean
Caribbean Wedding Sunset Kiss
Caribbean Wedding Formal Pictures

The sun fell below the horizon and a green ray rose into the sky which could only be seen for a few moments. Some locals said this was a symbol of good luck.

Caribbean Wedding Cake Cutting
Caribbean Wedding Dancing
Caribbean Wedding Groom Carrying Bride

An adventurous, fun loving couple, who have created amazing lives came together for a 5 day wedding extravaganza! We love weekend wedding photography, but especially when we return home with so many more friends and memories. These two created bonds beyond the one they share, taught us how to make the best out of every situation and that love can conquer an ocean. Thank you for welcoming us into your celebration, making us a part of your memories and importing us from New Hampshire!!

Caribbean Wedding Rings

Caribbean Destination Wedding Photographer Details:

Divi Aruba All Inclusive – Venue & Catering
Flowers by Marie – Flowers
Pure Bliss – Bridal Shop
Macy’s – Groom’s Attire
A & E Diamon & Gold, Inc. – Rings
Wanderer Bracelets – Coordinate Bracelets
Solar Villa  – Our Awesome Accommodations

Are you looking for a Caribbean destination wedding photographer or planning some other equally awesome weekend wedding adventure? We believe multi-day weddings are the most enjoyable way to share your love with friends and family! Shouldn’t your wedding photos tell the story of your entire wedding?  We’ll be there for all of it. Tell us about your wedding plans!!