Capturing your story in more ways than one.

Our wedding was perfect, but…

When we got married we went through the careful process of figuring out what was most important to us for our wedding. Outside of sharing and celebrating our love with friends and family, food and photos were on top of our list. When we thought about video, there were three things that kept us from hiring a videographer,

Let’s address the obvious.

Being in your shoes, we went through it. We had our reasons for talking ourselves out of having a videographer, and as years have passed, we wish we could relive those moments. Here’s a few things that might be crossing your mind, too:

1. Time: We felt like we'd never sit down and watch a video of our wedding.

2. Small Wedding: We were having a small wedding and didn't like the idea of another vendor team adding to the number of people.

3. Money: It seemed like an easy place for us to save a lot of money.

The day passes quickly.

As time has passed, we miss not having video of our ceremony, toasts, and some of the other key moments. We had amazing, heartwarming moments with our good friends and family. While we can remember the general emotion, but the day passed so quickly that the details of those moments are lost.

You can have your wedding cake and eat it, too.

Over the past year, we've designed an offering that fills the gap of having to decide between not having video or exceeding your budget to bring another vendor into your wedding.

Without interfering with your photography coverage, we are able to provide video coverage of your ceremony and toasts, as well as a highlight video of moments throughout your wedding to support our photography and further fulfill our mission of providing you with a complete story from your wedding that you can relive for generations.

Your highlight video will include clips from throughout the day set to music to recreate the emotion from the day.

Along with your highlight video, you’ll get another video including your ceremony and toasts. This video is all about the content.
We’ll set up a stationary camera and capture the best audio so you can relive these portions of your wedding day as they happened.

We’re excited to chat about video for your wedding!

Get your questions together and let’s hop on a call!