The Winthrop Carter House is the original New England real rustic barn wedding venue. It’s an old estate with the historic homestead attached to a massive barn. The charm is not only authentic and old school New England, but serves as an amazing backdrop for a memorable celebration. Katherine & AJ fell in love with it, and despite the rain, transformed the venue into an expression of their love. Now on to their story!


It’s not very often we are contacted by the father of the groom inquiring about wedding photography. Especially with the subject line of “I knew you back when…” Keith had previously known George from a volunteer emergency response team back in the pre-Kate days. Social media had filled in the gaps since then.

Dapper Groom getting ready

Fast forward to the day we met Katherine & AJ. We were in a coffee shop on the NH Seacoast, finding no open tables so we squished our way into a floor area with meditation cushions. AJ apparently needed nothing more and was nearly drifting off into a dream state. Before nap time went into full swing, he explained to us the long flight he’d arrived on only hours before leaving him with pretty significant jet lag. We decided not to take it personally!

I do wedding shoes

Katherine on the other hand, always seems to be bright and cheerful no matter what the situation. Powered by Matcha teas, and positivity she seems ready to conquer anything. And after 9 years of dating, AJ’s sleepiness didn’t phase her a bit.


Fortunately on round two AJ was adequately rested, and brought Buddy, their Bully mix for reinforcements. We wandered Wagon Hill Farm in Durham taking photos, laughing and enjoying sunset.


Nearly a year on the journey with Katherine & AJ, we were pretty excited for wedding day. However the real benchmark was the significance of the date in their lives. Ten years prior was their first date.


Katherine & AJ met in high school. They both attended a technical school studying culinary arts. Senior year, they began dating right before graduation. Fast forward nearly a decade and they live together outside of Manchester, NH. AJ travels South working in computers, while Katherine drives to the Seacoast to work for a hotel company.

Bride and groom with umbrella

Their weekends revolve around Buddy, taking him for walks on the rail trail, around town or up Ucanoonuc Mountain. But honestly, they never really need to leave home. Their place is a secluded wooded space full of tranquility.

Barn wedding reception detail ideas

Wedding day seemed long in the making, and likely quite different from their original vision.


Both Katherine’s parents attending in spirit. The day was scheduled to be rainy, something Katherine and her mom had talked about during the planning process. Her mom urged her to get a tent, telling her it was necessary. So Katherine was fairly certain the rainy forecast was Diane getting the last word. However the rain held off until afternoon, allowing for outside opportunity.

Barn wedding details

While Katherine was having her hair done, she noticed the box of bobby pins on the counter. The brand name on the side read “Diane.” And it seemed as though this wasn’t her last word so much as it was her being there no matter what.

Wedding kids dancing

Two things about Katherine. She is always punctual. And she was not raised Catholic. Both those things changed on wedding day. She became Catholic in order to have the ceremony at the church in the town AJ grew up. And she was 20 minutes late.

Barn wedding reception ideas
Barn wedding first dance

The priest began the ceremony by announcing that Katherine’s tardiness was not in fact due to delays getting ready. Rather it was Katherine getting back at AJ for having to wait 10 years to get to this point. Two minutes for every year of dating.

Genuine wedding moments
Wedding party photographer

The rest of the night was seamless. We were able to get over to their house to incorporate the antique car Katherine’s mom was so excited to have for the wedding. Then Winthrop Carter House provided a rustic barn wedding elegance for friends and family to join in the celebration. The rain paused long enough for sparklers. And dancing lasted all night long.

Real candid wedding photographer
Real Sparkler Exit Wedding

While the day may not have changed much in the day to day nature of their relationship, it was definitely one of enormous impact. Katherine & AJ felt the years of their story collide into a few hours of celebration. One in which all the people from their past were honored. And the people yet to arrive in their future had a wonderful stage set for them.

Real Rustic Barn Wedding Venue New Hampshire
Real Rustic Barn Wedding Venue New Hampshire

Their patience and love will guide them well and we can’t wait to see what’s next. We’re sure AJ’s dad will be sending another email. 🙂

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Rustic Barn Wedding Venue photographers details:

Winthrop Carter House, Boscowen NH – Venue
Francesca Giacalone & Kyna Abraham – Hair & Makeup
Modern Bride – Bridal Shop
Rebecca Ingram – Gown
Luxveer – Shoes
David’s Bridal – Bridesmaids’ Dresses
Men’s Warehouse – Groom’s Attire
Richter’s Jewelry – Jewelry
Vistaprint – Stationery
Scott Langlois – DJ
Marshall’s Florist & Gifts – Flowers
Jacques Pastries – Baker
Common Man – Catering
Goffstown Truck Center – Limo
Clear Vision Videography – Videography