Who says you can’t keep marrying the man of your dreams? While on their one year anniversary trip to Oahu, Connie contacted me to do a Kailua Hawaii engagement session. A hop skip and a jump from the Bay Area, we finally had a break in the rain for some fun on the beach!

Hot Couple Hawaii Engagement

First of all how could I not be excited, Connie and Mike are stunning! But on top of that they are super fun, awesome people! They hike up Diamond Head for sunrise, walk the Waikiki beaches, drinks at Dukes, road trip to Haleiwa on the North Shore, and to-die-for dinner at Azure. All while still fitting in shave ice, Popeye’s, Leonard’s Bakery, and the shrimp truck. How do they stay so fit!?! (And can I come on their next trip?)

Wedding dip Hawaii beach

Yup, I love these guys! And small world, Mike is from Meredith, NH! That’s pretty dang close to where my permanent residence is (although seriously, I don’t know where I live these days!) So we got to talk all about how happy we are to be missing the worst winter ever this year!

Hawaii Engagement

A quick discreet change of clothes back at the car, and some more beachy fun with just enough wind to make Connie’s dress look even more amazing!

Kailua Hawaii Engagement

So, we weren’t the only ones at the beach (go figure!) But people were super sweet and giving us space to try fun shots like this one that Connie + Mike wanted to try!

Dirty Dancing lift engagement photo

Yes, I will admit it, I had a Dirty Dancing flashback! Seriously, what girl from the 80’s/90’s wouldn’t? Next time maybe I’ll talk them into doing this in the water heehee!

Kailua Hawaii Engagement Dancing on the beach
Mokes Engagement photo

For those of you who haven’t been here, the two little islands in the back are called the Mokes, and are a pretty well known landmark here. Lanikai Beach offers whiter sands and bluer waters than that of Kailua Beach just next door. It’s one of my favorites and I was so thrilled to be able to share it on this day!

Kailua Hawaii Engagement

This wasn’t the first time Connie + Mike had reworn their wedding attire, and we joked about making it an anniversary tradition. And if Hawaii trips are involved, I hope to take their picture many more times! You two are a beautiful couple, thanks for making me a part of your trip!

Live on Oahu or contemplating a Kailua Hawaii engagement photo session? Drop us a line!