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Kara & Kaleigh are fairly deeply rooted in Boston, but they didn’t think twice to have a Maine barn wedding weekend. And while it’s pretty obviously one of the best ways to get married, their reasoning ran slightly deeper.

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Kaleigh grew up in New Hampshire, while Kara grew up in Massachusetts. They met at Simmons College in Boston. And since then, their lives have been completely centered around the New England city. Kara is a nurse, while Kaleigh works for the health department. Their cat, Sumo, rules the roost at home.

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Our first meeting was on Skype. Sumo kept walking in front of the screen, filling the entire camera. But even though we didn’t see much of Kara & Kaleigh, it was easy to sense their kind and relaxed spirits. They are two individuals who tremendously value family, go out of their way to show this, and are committed to all those they love.

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So it’s no surprise that they chose Paris, Maine to get married. Kaleigh’s college roommate had moved there (back home for her) to open a rustic Maine barn wedding venue with her wife. King’s Hill Barn & Inn is their labor of love. And Kara & Kaleigh likely never considered anywhere else.

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Being able to stay at the inn was an extra bonus. Allowing Kara, Kaleigh and the entire wedding party to be together for the whole weekend. Friday night they took over the upstairs of the barn for dinner. Then out into the field for a pre wedding bonfire. Being October, the color was in full force, along with a definite chill in the air. But between the fireplace in the barn, and fully stoked bon fire, it was more charming than chilling.

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It’s safe to say this mini destination Maine wedding weekend was a long time in the making. Kara & Kaleigh were officially married on their five year dating anniversary. But there had never seemed to be any doubt. In fact, their proposal was mutual and amazingly timed on the exact same night.

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The plan had been to get rings together. There was a lot of hinting. Then on a Boston date night, their plans miraculously unfolding simultaneously. Their first date had ben down by the Boston Aquarium. They had walked through Christopher Columbus park together. So the visual of the park was in Kaleigh’s head. However, nerves ran high and little did she know that Kara was planning something as well.

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After dinner they walked through the park, but Kaleigh lost her nerve. They ended up a hotel nearby on the rooftop observation deck. Kara beat Kaleigh to the punch and proposed! She had a friend secretly placed to take photos. Kara surprised Kaleigh by having a room booked at the hotel. And they spent the rest of the night celebrating a mutual proposal.

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Everything about Kara & Kaleigh resonated their engagement. They always seem on the same page, completely relaxed and open to anything. No strangers to adventure, they hopped a plane at 2:40am just hours after the wedding. After the whirlwind of the wedding weekend they spent a much deserved beach front getaway in Playa del Carmen.

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We have no doubt our journey with Kara & Kaleigh is only just beginning. With future ice cream dates in Boston, or meet ups in New Hampshire overlapping family time. Their loyalty to friends and loved ones was ever present on their wedding weekend. Getting to know their family, creating connections and becoming part of their lives has been a fulfilling experience.

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South Paris, Maine and our weekend parked outside King’s Hill Inn. Sleeping in our red Lobster Van, warming up by the fireplace, wandering the rooms of the inn as everyone busily created wedding day. Home grown pumpkins, homemade cookies, fall colors, cranberries. A few raindrops, but no way it affected the mood. Maine wedding weekends are by far some of our favorites, and we are so grateful to have been a part of Kara & Kaleigh’s!

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King’s Hill Inn & Barn South Paris, ME – Venue
Maggie Sottero – Bridal Gown
Marry & Tux Bridal – Bridal Shop
Spell and the Gypsy Collectice – Gown
David’s Bridal – Bridesmaids’ Dresses
Yelena V – Kaleigh’s Vest
Green Lake Jewelry – Kaleigh’s Ring
Hannoush Jewelery – Kara’s Ring
Tacori – Kara’s Ring
Flowers By Marianne – Flowers
Henna from DJ Jodi – DJ
Pantry Cafe & Catering – Catering
Dorene’s Creative Cakes – Cake
Portland Limousine Service – Transportation